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The Minister of Finance and Public Sector of the Principality of Asturias, Dolores Carcedo, on Monday called for the support of all groups of the General Board to the Extraordinary Credit Law Project, considering that it is a proposal “to lose less and gain time in the scenario of double extension “of Asturias.

During the informative appearances about the Bill of the Principality of Asturias on financing of credits in addition to the budget extension, Carcedo explained that this bill “reflects in its numbers and its lines the effort made to take advantage of resources, guarantee income and facilitate investments. ” The approval of this credit law, he said, is for Asturias, for parliamentary groups and “for all” a “second chance in many ways”.

It is, as explained, a proposal to deal with “an unprecedented retention” by the central government of income corresponding to the autonomous community for the exercise of its powers – alluding to the 116 million euros withheld from deliveries to account–.

This withholding, together with the constitutional obligation to guarantee the amortization of the debt, “would have prevented any processing of these investments from being initiated”, he said, if not for the specific mechanism of the Law that allows investments to be made.

Regarding the deliveries on account, Carcedo explained that, if on September 15, 2018 the Principality had not received a new firm communication of the deliveries on account over the one notified in April – of 99 million euros- – and in “sufficient amount” to cover all of this credit, “the corresponding expenditure for 2018 of these projects would be adjusted in an amount necessary to guarantee the coverage of the expenses derived from the debt”.

However, the counselor has been confident that by that time and that funding “with or without budgets” in Spain is “guaranteed”.

The 111 million euros of the Law, has specified the head of Finance, “allow to respond to the needs” of Asturias and will make the “double extension less restrictive”, also recovering the “lost possibilities on December 22,” in allusion to the vote on the amendments to the totality that prevented the Budget Project proposed by the Government for 2018 from progressing.



Carcedo has indicated in his appearance that the credit will be distributed among investments, for which they have budgeted 51.4 million; coverage of the Basic Social Salary, with 15 million; and the amortization of the debt, which has been allocated 44.9 million euros to “avoid adjustments on the extension itself.”

The PSOE, party that supports the Asturian Government, is this legislature in a minority parliamentary situation by which only has 14 of the 45 deputies of the General Board, which requires the support of other forces to take forward their initiatives legislative

Precisely this situation of minority has caused that Asturias does not count on budgets for 2018, to the not having obtained the Principality the necessary consensus to carry out the accounts.

Asturias has “less resources” due to the extended budget, which finally amounts to 4,213 million euros. This amount is “insufficient to cover the needs of Asturias” for this year, according to Carcedo.

Faced with this scenario, the Extraordinary Credit Law contemplates items for “unavoidable needs” while allowing investments to be promoted. The 111.3 million come, on the one hand, from the greater indebtedness margin this year, for 98 million, and on the other, from the resources of the EAFRD funds for the remaining amount, 13.3 million euros.

In the section of investments, Carcedo has stopped in the reinforcement of the network of schools of 0 to 3, for what have allocated 2.48 million euros to improve their financing and reduce the quota by 50 percent in the next course.

It also earmarked 1.57 million to meet the costs arising from the calls for competitive examinations of Secondary and Vocational Training, and 1.62 million euros to meet the funding commitments with the University.

In territorial policies, 17.5 million are reserved for the financing of actions related to the rural world, where the 6,250,000 euros for the prevention of fires and another 500,000 euros to alleviate the effects of last year’s fires stand out. Between the credit and the extension are destined in 2018 more than 14 million Euros to the fight against fires.

With regard to investments for technological renovation, 5.45 million are allocated, which means that by 2018 there will be 16.6 million available to face the Digital Transformation of the Principality of Asturias 2017-2022, among other actions.

In the infrastructures chapter, the financing law reserves 7.4 million euros for works on roads, ports and hydraulic equipment. Another 2.89 million are destined to improve health centers while a game of 1.39 million will go to educational centers, which will be mainly concentrated in the institutes of La Corredoria, La Fresneda, La Florida and IES Rey Pelayo de Cangas of Onís. For actions in judicial offices, the bill reserves 600,000 euros.

Of the 51.4 million euros of investments, 27.6 are conditioned to the receipt of the part of the installments on account of the financing system that Asturias has not received for an amount of 116 million. “The financing bill establishes a mechanism by which, if on 15 September the Principality had not received a new communication of the deliveries over the one notified in January, the corresponding expenditure for 2018 of these projects would be adapted in the amount necessary to guarantee the coverage of the expenses derived from the debt “, explained Carcedo.