The Fast-food has bad press … and in my opinion it is deserved ; is more I would say, little bad is said for what should be said. However, this bad image is all excellence when they analyze their data coldly, about the control of suppliers, food safety protocols, their “commitment” to nutrition, and so on. But the truth be told, all these alleged excellences crumble at the time you visit the premises of, at least, the most popular franchises.

Recently, on the occasion of my daughter Carolina’s 6th birthday, we ended up in a mall during mid-afternoon during the week in order to enjoy the bowling. He had never been and he was especially excited … and me, because I like the bowling theme. The fact is that we did not think twice and, being on weekdays we decided fast: the bowling would be empty … and it was .

Having finished and it was already time for dinner, we returned to the car when one of those brand new hamburger chains … of the usual ones appeared. Carolina, the gourmet girl asked, and how to refuse … we ended up “dining” the four there . At first everything was fine (as far as the little ones are concerned) but in a short time the idyllic castle that had been imagined from the vague memories they have of the last time they were collapsed like a huge lump of sugar under the tap of the Hot water. The eldest, Adriana of 10 years, in one of his preclear analysis of the situation commented that the image is what counted in these casesan appearance of a shed that invites you to eat “bad” food (which is not exactly tasty) that otherwise you would not eat ; is more concluded, these same potatoes if they were not put in this package so cute and so presented would not eat them, the house is a thousand times better, but not so “cute” .

I give him the reason, that can be one of the keys to his success , because that certainly can not be denied, they are successful. The best thing of all is that motu proprio and during a good time they have been removed to both the desire to return to one of these temples typical of Fast-food.

Another model of Fast-food

Another model of Fast-food

But … could there be another model of Fast-food without giving up part of its essence (the immediacy in the service, the issue of franchises …) offered superior quality and that this was perceived by their customers? It looks like it is. I say it seems because I have not had occasion to contrast it in person … but its website and how much of this chain is talking lately only presages good things. At least mostly. This is Chipotle , a fast-food chain of Mexican style (tacos, burritos, vegetable salads …) committed to quality in all its aspects, from the origin of raw materials with more sustainable productions (perhaps too much for me). taste in the use of ecological, organic and natural concepts) to labor , nutrition and, of course, to the pleasure of eating what is really offered in advertising (which reminds me of this entry and the superb fragment of the movie “A day of fury”).

It is difficult to know some of the restaurants in this franchise unless you live in the United States since it has not yet been internationalized. Despite its web gives to entertain a while and contrast as, really, their products have an unbeatable look … and without losing that essence of Fast-food. Therefore, now more than before we will have to start to distinguish Fast-food from Trash-food (fast food versus junk food) because they do not have to be inseparable terms .